Cock Rings

We receive plenty of emails asking about cock rings - what are they?, how do they work?, how long can you wear one?, etc.
Here's a brief overview from Randy:

Cock rings apply pressure to either the penis or the genitals, partially restricting blood-flow in the process.
There are two main types of cock rings:

Type 1 - This is a stretchy, flexible ring that you slip down to the base of the penis, usually after you achieve an erection. It will help maintain the erection, but it will not keep you rock hard, so don't count on that. At best, it will keep you semi-erect, and in some cases, this can be rigid enough for intercourse. Type 1 rings are usually made of a rubber or silicone compound. Most drugstores will sell these. They are inexpensive, and well worth a try if you are having early erectile difficulties. Type 1 Cock Ring
Type 2 - This type of cock ring is more like a "genital" ring. It encircles the base of the penis and top of the scrotum, providing a gentle "squeeze" to the entire area. Many men find this pressure pleasurable and it is the more popular of the two types. It also restricts blood-flow to some extent, although not as directly as the Type 1 ring.

This version can be made of a stretchy material, such as silicone, but can often be found in leather with snaps for adjusting the size (as pictured); the best we've tried is leather with a Velcro fastener. It's the easiest to apply and quickly remove if the area becomes irritated.

Type 1 Cock Ring

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER - Do not leave cock rings on longer than 20 - 30 minutes. They do restrict blood-flow, and leaving them on too long can do damage. And don't have them too tight. If there's any discomfort, remove immediately.

Graphics: Jordan Cole