What Type of Relationship are You In?

Life without your partner would be:
A lot more laid back
Similar to your life now

You mainly get into fights with your partner about:
Anything and everything
Who loves the other the most
We never fight

When you go out to social gatherings together, the evening usually ends with:
You starting a fight with your partner because he/she spent the entire night ignoring you
Your partner leaving before you do (that’s ok because you came in separate cars anyway)
You and your partner leaving early so that you can get it on in the car

Which T.V. couple are you the most similar to?
Dharma and Greg
Ray and Debra from “Everybody loves Raymond”
Hank and Peggy from “King of the Hill”

The best date you've had in the past month was when:
We went to our favourite restaurant and spent hours talking and enjoying each other’s company
We went to the movies and actually agreed on what to see
We never go on dates any more

Our friends would describe our relationship as:
A ticking time-bomb
A well-tended garden that keeps on growing and growing
A habit that needs to be broken

Compared to the beginning of your relationship, the sex:
Is more complicated because it involves a constant battle over what positions to use
Is a lot less frequent
Just keeps getting better and better

If you were ever to cheat on your partner, it would be:
A way to bring some passion back into your life
Out of spite to get back at them for something they did to you
The biggest mistake you ever made

You spend most of your time:
Handling the tension in your relationship and trying to conceal it
Together, sharing your thoughts and feelings
Engaging in separate interests and activities

The emotional dimension of your relationship is:
A constant roller-coaster
Usually high and full of passion

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