What's the Nature of Your 'Beast'?

What is your favourite place to have sex?
In comfortable settings such as your own bedroom
In romantic settings such as on the beach at sunset
In unusual settings such as on a bench in a park

How are you most likely to go about putting your partner in the mood?
By lighting candles and playing your partnerís favourite love songs
By wandering around the house in sexy lingerie
By whispering in your partnerís ear about how much you want them

Your most common sexual technique involves:
Sex toys and costumes
Kissing and cuddling
Mirrors and your favourite sexual positions

During sex, you expect your partner to:
Know your likes and dislikes and cater to them
Partake in sexual role-playing games with you
Express how he/she is feeling

Your sex talk consists of:
A lusty and provocative repertoire of sexy stories
Reports of your sensations and experiences
Terms of endearment for your partner

Your sexual fantasies:
Involve pleasuring your partner in 101 different ways
Involve your meeting someone who is as good in bed as you are
Are so numerous you canít keep up with them

The most prominent colour in your wardrobe and home decor is:

Your most satisfying sexual experience involved:
A sexual partner who seemed to precisely know all the ins and outs of your body
You causing your partner to have multiple orgasms
A completely novel setting, partner and position

You take pleasure in oral sex the most when:
It involves variety and skill
You are getting it
You are giving it

A requirement for fully enjoyable sex is:

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