What Movie Character Are You in Bed?

When it comes to the power relationship in the bedroom you:
Run the show
Are happy to give your partner all the control
Equally share the role of giving directions with your partner

How many of the following have you done?

- Anal sex
- Masturbation
- Used sex toys
- Oral sex
- 69
- Role play
- Bondage
- Sex in public
- Sex with edible items
- Threesomes

Less than 4
Between 4 and 7
More than 7

After sex, you usually:
Enjoy lying sprawled out naked with your partner
Stay naked but cover yourself with a sheet
Put your clothes/p.j.'s back on

If you think there's potential for sex that night, you:
Spend a couple hours primping for the event
Do a couple extra push-ups or laps in the pool
Spend the day anxiously counting down the minutes

What would be your ideal location for having sex?
In bed with the lights turned off
Anywhere the mood strikes
On the beach at sunset

Cuddling after sex is:
A must!
A relief because it means you saw it through to the end
Not necessary but enjoyable

Having sex with someone for the first time:
Is fun and exciting
Is pleasing, but has its awkward moments
Must be done with alcohol

When watching a love scene in a movie, you're usually:
Wishing you were in the scene
Taking notes for future use
Thinking about how you could do it better

When it comes to discussing sex with your friends, you usually:
Sit quietly and listen
Are the one who started the conversation with your own sexploits
Keep your own stories to yourself but chime in occasionally

During an orgasm, you:
Like to make eye contact with your partner
Focus fully on the sensations
Make it known to the world that it's happening!

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