Is My Partner Cheating?

When your partnerís phone rings what does he/she usually do? He/she:
Takes the phone into another room
Checks the caller ID and only answers if itís important
Answers it in a hushed tone that you canít hear

How many nights a month does your partner unexpectedly wind up working late?
Less than 5 nights
Between 5 to 10 nights
More than 10 nights

When it comes to sex, it seems that your partner:
No longer wants it
Sometimes makes excuses not to have it
Is usually very eager to get it on

In how many past relationships has your partner been unfaithful?
A few

Does your partner openly flirt with others?
Yes, but only when he/she thinks you are not looking
Yes, but only when he/she thinks you ARE looking

You and your partner have been away from each other for a couple of days. While your partner is telling you what he/she spent his/her time doing, his/her eyes are:
Making direct eye contact with you
Darting all over the room
Looking mostly at the floor

Has your partner ever accused you of cheating?
Only when he/she had been drinking

In the past month, your partner has been:
Acting the same towards you as he/she usually does
Buying you more gifts than usual
More attentive to your needs than he/she would usually be

When you and your partner fight, who usually starts it?
Your partner
Both of you are equally guilty of starting fights

In general, your gut instinct is that your partner feels:
Positive about your relationship
Negative about your relationship
Indifferent about your relationship

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