How Good are You in Bed?

Who usually initiates sex?
Usually me
Usually my partner

If you had music on during sex, would you:
Time your motions to match the beat
Ignore the beat and set your own rhythm
I'd turn the music off before we started

When it comes to foreplay, you often feel:
Who needs it? Let's get to the main event
I want it to go on for a long time
If this goes on any longer, I'm going to fall asleep

If your partner is performing a sexual act that you're not keen on, what do you do?
I don't say anything; I just wait for him/her to finish
I would tell my partner immediately I'm not enjoying that
I'd wait for it to finish, and say something after we're done

If your partner finishes before you and wants to stop, you feel:
No problem - I'll take care of myself

How often do you kiss during intercourse?
Half the time
Hardly at all

When it comes to the sounds of sex:
I make almost no noise
I moan and groan to stimulate my partner
I yell and shout how I feel

During intercourse, what do you think about?
The sensations
How unattractive I must look right now!
Are we almost done?

Where do you like to have sex?
The bedroom is fine by me
I like to mix it up with different rooms in the house
Any place, any time - I'm game!

What's most important to you?
That I get off
That my partner gets off
That we both get off

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